About Steely Lumber

Steely Lumber is an independent, family owned Southern Yellow Pine lumber producer located in Huntsville, Texas. 

The Steely family has owned sawmills in Walker County since 1896 and has been at the current location since 1958. Kelvin Steely is the current owner and president of Steely Lumber Co., Inc. He bought his father, Arnold Steely, out in 1985 and incorporated the business. The production of the sawmill ahs grown from approximately 10 MM board feet in the early 1990’s to 55 MM board feet in 2017. Technological updates and efficiency methods have been the biggest means to increase production. Steely Lumber grads lumber under SPIB grading standards (mill no 181).

Currently, the family also owns and/or manages approximately 15,000 acres in Walker, Polk, San Jacinto and surrounding counties. All lands are managed under American Tree Farm System management methods; which in our minds, is the most ecologically sound and environmentally conscious method we know.

Timber and Conservation 

Voyager Group, Ltd. Is the land-holding arm of Steely Lumber. We consider ourselves the ultimate conservations because pine trees are the life-blood of our business. We must insure our future generations will have the necessary resources to continue Steely Lumber for years to come.

We have a two-man forestry staff that manages our forests according to what the property lends itself to. We do not adopt a “one prescription fits all” mentality. It fits our log needs to have old-growth, natural timber, however many of the local forests are already under a plantation model. Our goal is to create the longest term benefit from the land for profitability, wildlife, and most importantly, conservation.

Our land mass requires us to do some sort of prescriptive service on approximately 1,000 acres per year of our own lands. Upon final harvest we replant our lands with the best genetic seedling stock from IFCO (another family owned US-made business).


We are a 100% Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) sawmill. Our niche market is visually graded products, 5/4” x 6” decking and 1” x 6” products. We also cut 50% dimension products, primarily 2” x 4” and 2” x 6”. We cut 8’-16’ lengths.

Continuous technological developments and investment in our mill allows us to remain an efficient an quality product-producing sawmill.


Steely Lumber considers its employees family. We currently employ close to 100 people, but our impact on individuals is much more expansive and we impact over 1,000 lives daily.

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